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Invite your clients, teammate and contractors to
collaborate with you on projects and tasks.

Instant Direct Messages

Chat with your clients and contributors in private, it’s much more effient than email and meetings.

Plutio Chat is carefully designed to help keep communications to-the-point, so that everyone spends less time discussing work and more time actually doing it.

Receive in-app and email notifications for new messages.

Plutio instant private direct messages for one to one discussions with teammates, contributors and clients

Group Channels

Easily create group channels for a team, topic, project or about anything you can think of. Group channels gets everyone involved and keeps everyone in the loop.

When you create a project, a dedicated channel with all the project contributors is automatically created for you.

Plutio group and public channels for instant discussions btween clients and teammates

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Think of all the apps you use at work as little water drops - an endless number of apps that you have to hunt to get the job done. Plutio is THE aquarium which collects them all. So no more hunting.