Howdy From Plutio!

We're on a mission to get rid of the challenges and barriers that we all face as freelancers and small businesses, so running a business is a lot less hassle and more pleasant.

about plutio, the story by the founder and ceo leo loai bassam

How it all started?

I started freelancing at the age of 15. My freelancing funded me through University, but as the business grew, it became harder to manage. - Chasing overdue payments, keeping everyone in the loop, making sure projects are completed on time… the administrative tasks were getting in the way of doing the things I was best at.

I knew spreadsheets and sticky notes were not the right tools anymore.

So I started using a combination of apps instead (I’m sure you’ve tried the same thing - one app for this, another for that). Before long I was sunk in a productivity maze. I had to constantly jump between apps, duplicate data from one to another, create formulas and then use even more apps to “connect” them.

I then decided to build Plutio to get rid of that horrible mess. Everything I needed to manage my business and get work done, in one place!

Plutio is the new way of working, it gave me back time to dedicate to the things that my clients really valued. I knew I wasn’t the only person struggling with this so we are working on Plutio to help others free themselves from that same horrible mess of apps.

Give Plutio a try! I’m sure it will improve how you run your business.

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