Our mission is to make running a business less hassle and more pleasant

Leo bassam, founder and CEO of Plutio

Leo Bassam

Founder, CEO

Dovydas Kukalis, freelance developer at Plutio

Dovydas Kukalis

Lead Developer


Plutio was born out of frustration of trying to run a freelance business using multiple apps.

Hey, my name is Leo and at the age of 15 I completed my very first freelance project. I've been freelancing ever since!

However fun and satisfying freelancing was, I had to constantly jump between apps, duplicate data from one to another, pay multiple subscriptions and then use even more apps to “connect” them all together. I was sunk in a productivity maze.

So I've decided to build Plutio. With a mission to support the under-served community of freelancers and small businesses worldwide.

Give Plutio a try! We're confident you will love it!

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