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Multi businesses

Are you a part of multiple businesses? Swifty switch between them from one login.


Quickly find what you're looking for using a lightning fast search.


Apply advanced filters to show only what you need and eliminate clutter.


Whitelable Plutio with your own business logo.


Choose your preferred date and time format, time-zone and week start day.


Customize how and when you receive email and push notifications.


Stay in the loop with a real-time feed of all project activities.

Free one to one support

We're always here to help, you can email, chat with us or even call us.


Custom fields

Add additional data to your tasks, like tags, priority, estimates, approvals or anything else you can imagine.


Create as many sub-tasks as you want to break a task into smaller pieces.


Keep your task name short and to the point, put all the details in the description.


Discuss and collaborate on tasks with your clients and contributors.

Due dates

Set due dates to ensure no deadlines are missed.

Repeating tasks

Set tasks to repeat daily, weekly, monthly or even annually.


If a task is due you will be reminded using email or push notifications.


Assign tasks to clients and teammates so everyone knows what to work on.


Add followers to tasks so they are kept in the loop, effortlessly.


Easily mention someone in a task, they will be added as a follower and kept updated.

Attach files and images

Upload files and images from your computer or Facebook, Google Drive and even via link or FTP.

Smart categorization

Every task is automatically sorted into categories. There is one for what is due today, tomorrow and the coming week.

Automated prioritization

Tasks that are few a minutes overdue are highlighted in orange and whats way overdue stands out in red.

Move tasks

Move tasks between projects and task groups.

Task groups

Organize project tasks in groups. Set them to be milestones, progress stages or anything else.

Task boards

Create as many project task boards as you need, and easily move tasks between them.

Task views

Visualize your project tasks in a simple list or in a columns view. Switch between views in a click.

Drag and drop

Effortlessly re-order and prioritise your task groups and tasks.


One place for all your projects

A clean dashboard that will give you a bird's eye view of all your projects and their current stages.


Save projects as templates so you could use them again.

Custom workflows

You don't need to change the way you work, set your own project workflows and stages.


Define the current stage of a project by setting its status and typing a short description.


Upload files directly from your computer or third party apps like Google Drive or Facebook.


Stay organized by creating tags for project type, size or anything else.


Use the brief editor to set clear goals and deliverables for every project.

Assign clients

Invite your clients to collaborate with you on their projects.


Invite your teammates and contractors to collaborate with you on projects.


Start a conversation with anyone involved in the project.


Get paid

Connect your Stripe, PayPal or bank account to accept payments.

Real-time status

Keep an eye on the status of your invoices and be notified when they are paid.

Send and track

Email your invoices to be paid and track when they are opened.


Download a clean PDF version of your invoices.

Multi currencies

Set a default currency and also set a currency for individual invoices.


Apply a flat rate or percentage discounts to items or the total amount.


Set your default tax rate and also adjust it per invoice.

Terms and notes

Add notes and terms to your invoices.

Issue and due dates

Those are automatically set for you, but you can easily change them, too.

Assign to client

Easily assign an invoice to a client to instantly populate their details.

Assign to projects

Attach invoices to projects so you could keep track to where they belong.

Mark as paid

You can manually mark an invoice as paid or unpaid.

Public link

Each invoice has a unique public link so you could share it with anyone.


Add a reference to invoices for the records.


Put all the item details in the description section.

Custom numbering

Set a prefix, suffix or even start your invoices from a specific number.


People dashboard

See everyone involved in your business, from contributors to clients and contacts.

Comprehensive profiles

Everyone has a clean profile with all you need to know accessible in an instant.

Invite people

Invite anyone to Plutio to collaborate with you on almost anything.


Create and sort people into as many categories as you like using tags.

Edit profiles

Edit everything from contact details to social media channels.

Real-time status

View when someone is online, away or offline.

Local time

View someone's local time, effortlessly.

Assign to a business

Create businesses and group clients within them.


Instant direct messages

Start a conversation with anyone in private from within Plutio.

Group channels

Create group channels for the whole team to collaborate.



Switch between a month view to week, day or the agenda.

Everything in your calendar

View your tasks, projects and invoices on your calendar.

Finally, everything in one place

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