Intuitive and comprehensive project management

Having all your projects and their tasks, files and conversations in one place, allows you to focus on getting your work done, not juggling it around.

Plutio projects, simplified, modern and powerful project management system, app, tool, software. Plutio projects, simplified, modern and powerful project management system, app, tool, software.

Break your project into smaller tasks

Visualize your project tasks in a simple list or in a columns view.

Plutio project management tool, simple, modern, easy tasks list, columns view, trello like, gantt chart and timeline for project tasks management

Sort tasks into groups, set them as progress stages, milestones or anything else.

Effortlessly drag and drop to re-order and priorities your tasks and task groups.

Search and set filter to instantly show the tasks that matters right now.

Project conversations

Invite your clients and contributors to engage in productive and superfocused conversations without leaving Plutio.

Everyone stays in the loop

With all project communications accessible from one place, everyone get instant clarity into what's happend, who’s doing what and what comes next.

Plutio project management tool, with built in project conversation, discussion, live-chat channels and collaboration tools

Upload, view and share files

Everyone involved in the project can upload files directly into Plutio, and access them at anytime.

Invite your clients to upload their project files, so they don't flood your inbox with tons of files and images...

Upload from your computer, a link or even from apps like Google Drive, Gmail, Box and Facebook.

Plutio project management tool app. Upload project files. Project files management system.

Information in a glimpse

Whether you're looking for a client's phone number or a file, you no longer need to dig through scattered documents, emails and even apps... everything you need is accessible from within Plutio.

Type project brief to never lose track of the big picture.

Tag projects to organize them in categories.

Add details like start and due dates.

Plutio projects, simplified, modern and powerful project management tool, app, software.

Customized workflows

Create the set of statuses and transitions every project moves through during their lifecycle. Helping you keep track of progress.

Set defualt a workflow that applies to all new projects.

Set custom workflows for specific projects.

Plutio project management system app, custom project workflow and statuses.

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